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    Solid Color Shag Rugs

    Trendy Shades, Elegant Designs

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  • With Fun Designs Shags,

    There Is No Limit On What You Can Imagine

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  • Faux Fur - No Animals Harmed

    Sophisticated and Luxurious

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  • Craving Warm Fuzzies?

    Try Our Plush Microfiber Rugs

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Warm Fuzzies: feelings of happiness, contentment and affection. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Need warm fuzzies? Check out our ever-changing collection of the coziest, plushest rugs on the planet. We specialize in Shag Rugs, Faux Fur Rugs and Microfiber Rugs. We only select rugs that are 100% free of animal products, durable, colorfast, easy to care for --and, most importantly, that feel oh, so good under your feet (or entire body, for that matter).

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Want a particular rug? Even if it's not shown on our website, that doesn't mean we don't have it. We will scour our product list to find it or a similar one that meets your needs. And we'll happily give you 20% off your purchase just for giving us a chance to serve you. Don't hesitate to contact our HiTouch Customer Service. That's why we're here!

Buying a Rug


There is a great number of rugs and rug varieties to choose from. Time and care should be taken when selecting your perfect rug. There are no rules. If it feels right, it will make your home and your life so much more comfortable.

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