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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day - For You, With Love! Check out the warm and fuzzy shag, faux fur and microfiber rugs at the newly remodeled Warm Fuzzies Place.

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day - For You, With Love!  Check out the warm and fuzzy shag, faux fur and microfiber rugs at the newly remodeled Warm Fuzzies Place.

Welcome to the new and improved Warm Fuzzies Place, decked out in the colors of the love to warm up this cold February (or to make it a super cool February if you already happen to live in a warm place!)

So, what is new other than all the Valentine’s Day appropriate and welcoming pink and fuzzy designs?

The big news is that we decided to become even choosier and pickier when it comes to selecting the best cruelty-free, good choices, good feelings, warm fuzzies galore merchandise for our store. That means only the best quality items, easiest to care for and clean, color fast, durable, affordable and as unique as possible in our world where all designers seem to follow the same color trends, identical design styles, similar textures and as a result, so many people end up with a tasteful, trendy but unfortunately,  completely indistinguishable home decor, devoid of personality, uniqueness and that wonderful joyous feeling, otherwise known as warm fuzzies.

We want to make sure that our customers have a chance to find something that they can call their own, something that expresses their personality,  fits their personal style, makes them happy and allows them to enjoy every moment in their cozy, comfortable and unique home.     In come the vibran colors of the Solid Shags Collection!!! One of a kind, patterns of

 Shaggy Viscose Design Collection!


How about designs inspired by nature itself? Take a look at the appropriately named Living Shag Collection or put one of the Rocks’ Collection Rugs in your living room and you could practically hear the stream nearby as you jump from one cosy and soft ‘boulder’ to the next.

Feeling playful? How about some oh la la with Lo La Shag Collection? Yearning  for a touch of elegance and class but still want softness and warmth? Check out our Moro Shag  or Luna Plush Microfiber  collections. Like Sparkle? We got Lurex Shag Collection.

Is virtual reality your kind of thing? Then 3D Shag is for you!

And for the grand finale.... can't get enough of the softness and luxury of cruelty-free (THE ONLY KIND WE WOULD EVER OFFER!) faux fur? Our new Faux Real Fur selection of faux sheepskin, faux fox, faux chinchilla and almost real pink fairytale animal furs feels real but even better since no animals had to suffer for it and it won’t shed, get destroyed by moths and lose it’s shine in any foreseeable future. Rugs, throws, pillows - take your pick or better yet, get it all and sink in the layers of furry softness. Stick to one color, make it striking black and white or mix and match - it all works together beautifully and feels amazing.



Please be assured that we stand behind every piece. I personally “petted” each and every one to assure incredible silkiness and softness and unparalleled quality. Choose carefully, make sure you get what you want (we have swatches if you are not 100% sure) and… LOVE your rugs, pillows and throws. Happy Valentine’s Day and Warm Fuzzies!


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