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My Daughter and Her “Lamby”. Why We Don’t Like Rugs That Resemble Real Animal Skins.

My Daughter and Her “Lamby”.  Why We Don’t Like Rugs That Resemble Real Animal Skins.

It seems that almost all kids pick a “lovey” toy and it becomes their favorite animal as they grow up. For some, it is a teddy bear, a furry dog, a fuzzy bunny, a soft ducky or even something as unorthodox as a plush alligator. It just so happens that for my older daughter Lea, who is now almost eleven years old, that lovey was a LAMB or “Lamby” and she has always insisted that her favorite animal was the lamb.

Lea was “born vegan”. She was always acutely aware of others’ feelings and had a deep understanding that calling animals “food” or “leather goods” or “fur” did not take away their fear, pain and desire to live and love. The more Lea grew capable of logical thinking, the more she became unable to put animal flesh in her mouth. She was terrified to learn that everyone’s favorite UGG boots, were not just made to feel like lamb skin and fur but that they were made out of actual sheepskin, a process she did not want to envision – and, frankly, neither did I.

Both of us are bothered by the fact that sheep and lambs are being killed and skinned so that people can enjoy the softness and warmth of their skin. With time, we came to believe that people can and should live without harming others. Moreover, modern luxuries make it so easy that we hardly need to give anything up, including - yes, the feel of sheepskin. We can lounge on the softness of the sheepskin and feel it underfoot. We can enjoy the fuzzy furry rugs that did not cost any animal their life. For our "Faux Fur Things And Rugs Collection" we looked for some of the most luxurious feeling products and we’ll be announcing some other surprises in the near future. One thing we were adamant about was that we did not want to offer anything that actually resembled real animal skin, not in shape and not in print. It is one thing to try to replicate the feel and the softness but entirely different to play “hunter” or “farmer” by putting down a faux fur rug cut the same shape as a wolf pelt, a cow hide or sheep skin.

That is why we only offer rugs in shapes that do not resemble the actual skins taken off the animals at Warm Fuzzies Place. … debating on whether to have just “natural” colors or throw in some pink and turquoise as well, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.

We also just added some amazing beanbag chairs by an ultra progressive company in Canada. They are the highest quality on the market and yes, you guessed it, some models come with POSH faux fur covers! And for the yoga lovers, check out the Fuzzy Yoga Balls. My kids are begging for one but can't decide on the color.  


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