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Rugs Like No Other. Peter Haim of Rug Factory Plus Rug Designs Magnificent, Truly Original Carpets Inspired by Art and Nature

Rugs Like No Other. Peter Haim of Rug Factory Plus Rug Designs Magnificent, Truly Original Carpets Inspired by Art and Nature

As the owner of an ecommerce rug store,, I always try to learn as much as possible about rugs and carpets as well as their manufacturers who authorize me as their online reseller. There is really no substitute for meeting people in the home decor business in person, face to face, as well as actually seeing and even more importantly, feeling the rugs first hand.

That is why I wouldn’t miss the biggest trade show in home decor business, High Point Market (or HPMKT as it is commonly known) that takes place in High Point, NC twice a year. The market is huge with hundreds of exhibitors. Since rugs and floor coverings are such a fundamental part of home decor, every rug manufacturer is there boasting their latest designs. Safavieh, Surya, Momeni, Loloi, Kaleen, Jaipur, Kas, Oriental Weavers and most other vendors are large corporations with catalogues that have thousands of rugs and complimentary home decor items. Their enormous showrooms are bursting with rug collections and are complete with buffet spreads and refreshments to welcome potential buyers. Most rugs are quite beautiful and come in a variety of materials, styles and designs. Needless to say, I made plans to visit every showroom and see all that abundance for myself so that I could advise my customers in turn.

To my dismay, the more showrooms I visited, the more I realized that the similarities between each vendor were much greater than the differences. They all seemed to have the same standard set of styles and materials and, seemingly, the same basic colors and designs, with only minor variations.  

I found it to be a bit disappointing to be in at a large trade show once I  got the feeling that after I saw one rugs’ showroom, I saw them all.  How was one supposed to find a rug that would express their individual style when everything had more or less the same “trending designs” and “season colors.”

Fortunately, one of my appointments was with a well-known independent rug designer and manufacturer from Los Angeles, California, called Rug Factory Plus. Finally, I was looking at rugs like no others, with a vast array of distinctive styles, textures and colors. The company owner, and the creative force behind each and every rug, Peter Haim, has been known for his innovative design ethos ever since he started in the industry over 20 years ago. He  was there to greet his customers, both  brick and mortar and online retailers, and to show off his latest creations.

Even though the Rug Factory Plus exhibit space was significantly smaller than that of their larger counterparts, Peter and his team managed to showcase the striking variety, not to mention, individuality. The quality of all the rugs was superb. Silky and pleasant to the touch, the materials are non shedding, very thick and heavy, and, therefore, not requiring a rug pad.  Obviously, Peter Haim does not compromise on manufacturing quality of his rugs. Clearly, the lucky owners of these rugs will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Collection names are not only whimsical but also true to their inspiration and descriptions. Names that reflect the nature of the product are helpful to both retailers and customers. Each of the Rug Factory Plus collections deserves its own blog and it is a challenging task to give a quick overview of even a small part of the catalog. That said, some of my favorites are:

Rug Factory Plus Living Shag Collection. This collection is appropriately named with each plush shaggy texture and designs reminiscent of water, meadow or a stormy sky. Each design is available in a variety of colors and color combinations: blue, green, red, purple, gray, yellow and more.


Rug Factory Plus 3D Shag Collection. I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this line of rugs in any other collection. These “carved” rugs look like high art, feel like the softest blanket and come in a full palette of colors and hand cut designs.

My favorite Shaggy Viscose Design collection looks like it was created by some alien intelligence rather than a mere human combining different yarns and textures into wholly original, imaginative and unusual compositions of shapes and swirls.

Art imitates nature, and for those who like the idea of bringing the great outdoors indoors, there is an unusual and versatile Rocks Collection.

I do not think that anyone would complain about the comfort of this “bed of rocks” after trying out these super thick, varied texture, hand carved shags.

Rug Factory Plus had a huge variety of amazing pure color and two tone solid shags ranging from shorter to longer lengths, various textures, lurex or silky threads and a combination of all of the above, plus some new and unusual texture varieties such as Crystal Shag with thicker and thinner threads and even some that look like feathers and Lurex Shag with shiny lurex threads interwoven with the soft yarn


There are designs and textures to fit every taste and style, from ultra modern geometric shapes to the tribal designs microfiber and distressed look Persian rugs, plus a great variety of contemporary transitional styles.

My favorite collection is, of course is Rug Factory Plus Faux Furs Collection. After all, what gives you warm fuzzies more than these soft luxurious and elegant creations? Fortunately, by now, most humans have evolved enough to make and use their own fur rather than torture and kill for it.

Rug Factory Plus is the place to go for that special faux fur feel in your house, be it chinchilla, lamb, fox in both natural colors and beautiful dyes. It was impossible to just walk away from the warm and fuzzy throws, rugs and pillows without placing an order for a few of those for my own home,  knowing how much my tween children would appreciate their furry softness. And sure enough, these have fast become their favorite sitting and snuggling places.

Rug Factory Plus and Peter Haim’s gorgeous pieces imagined and created at the crossroads of art, nature and interior design were truly the HIGH POINT of my High Point Market visit. When I commented on the individuality of his rugs,  Peter told me that he never looks at what the others are doing so as not to be influenced by anything other than his own desire for perfection and love of colors, textures and forward-thinking designs. Clearly, his approach to design is effective.  

Our world would be a brighter space if more home decor designers were to follow that advice, rather than attend the “trendy styles right now” and “colors of the season”  seminars and ending up with the look alike collections. After all, rugs are not supposed to be a “trendy right now” and “seasonal” kind of thing but rather a representation of each 

owner’s personality and a compliment to their individual style.Keep it up Peter Haim and the entire team at Rug Factory Plus! You got many happy customers including myself.

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