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Hello Humans! This is actually my mom's site and she designed those rugs because we do not like rugs that look like animal skins and also, these lambs, piggies and cows are the animals that are at the top of our mind when we think of animal abuse. (Mom said she will do a chicken next) 

Anyway, this link is only for people who came from my site and it is entirely for me to  fundraise for Mercy for Animals to help fight factory farm abuses. If you just want to donate directly to the organization, you can go click here and donate anything... every single dollar counts.

If you have or know a baby or toddler and want to get a special gift while helping the animals, consider getting a piggy, lamby or baby calf. These are GREAT! Actually, even though my sister and I are tweens, we have one each in our room. Mine is a lamb and she has a piggy. They are super soft, super plush and they can be used as a rug or a bed cover. Mine is on my bed. 

As for the amount... mom said that amounts vary a bit depending on what discount is currently available and also what her cost were  but she should be able to send MFA $30-40 for each rug sold. She really  wants to do everything possible to help. 

If you have any questions, give me a shout or ask my mom.

p.s. If you want Mercy for Animals to know YOUR name, let us know by entering you consent in the comments field during checkout. Money will be deposited for MFA within 24 hours and we will be happy to let them know who helped! 

Veg Girl Action Collection - 100% Of All Profit goes to Mercy For Animals!

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