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Our Affiliate Program

Promote a product that you genuinely feel good about

We offer rugs, pillows, throws and bean bag loungers made from natural fibers and recycled materials that are 100% free of animal products and environmentally conscious. Or products are competitively priced, well presented and highly desirable. We offer free shipping, price match guarantee and our site is verified by ShopperApproved and displays all the seals and badges aimed and maximizing the conversion ratio. We provide live chat, phone and email support and make sure that each customer has the best possible shopping experience leading to the sale.

However, the higher price point on those items allows our affiliates to make a significant commission on each purchase. We pay 8% commission on sales on ALL our products. 

Become an affiliate of Warm Fuzzies Place and make income by:

  • putting a link or banner on your site
  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Tweeter, LinkedIn, and other business and social networking
  • Emails to your friends and associates*

As an affiliate you will have access to: 

  • your own affiliate interface allowing you to track all your sales and earnings in real time
  • regularly run specials, sales and discount codes allowing you to promote the product more effectively

Become an affiliate of Warm Fuzzies Place today – fill out the simple form below and we will send you your own affiliate link and instructions by email. We look forward to working with you.

* Please note that we at Warm Fuzzies Place are committed to respecting the CAN SPAM regulation and ask its affiliates to never use e-mail SPAM to promote our products. Affiliates who use SPAM will be immediately terminated and will no longer be allowed to join our program.

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