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Meaning of Color. What is your personality?

What Color Describes Your Personality?

The influence of color

Color is all around us. The vast blue ocean, the endless green fields, and the busting grey of the cityscape all invoke feelings and spurn us to action. The ocean calls for adventure, the fields encourage us to relax, and the city? Well, that grey means hustle and work. We take the colors of nature everywhere we go, including indoors. White walls in hospitals denote cleanliness. Red hues in restaurants mean exciting food choices. Blues and greens in spas promote relaxation.

Color and personality

Did you know that your personality has a color, too? It’s true! You probably notice that you gravitate to certain colors in your home and your wardrobe. That’s no accident. You are drawn to these colors because they mean something to you, and they reflect the way you think, act, work, love, and live.

Which color describes you best?

  • Red: You are a fearless leader, not afraid of challenges, outspoken, passionate, and bold. You live life to the fullest and love deeply, but you are never afraid to move on from anyone or anything that holds you back. Like the color of fire, red is all about a burning desire for passion and life.

  •  White:  Minimalism and clean lines surround you because you think better in clean, uncluttered, and tidy spaces. Your focus is both inwards and outwards, filled with kindness to yourself and to others. You reflect often and see the good in everyone, but you can emotionally remove yourself from a situation in order to focus on the task at hand.

  • Yellow: Well, aren’t you the life of the party! Vibrant, social, and always on the go, you’ve been called everything from a cheerful extrovert to a social butterfly. You could spend hours with your friends on the beach or dancing the night away in the club. Maybe your house isn’t the tidiest on the block, but it’s the most welcoming.

  • Green: Literally down to earth, green personalities infuse the natural world into their calm and focused lives. Serenity surrounds you, and when troubles arise, your calm sense of self and reasoning prevails. You love the stillness of the garden path, the whisper of the wind in the trees, and the sighing of the blooms in the greenhouse.

  • Purple: Always heading off the beaten path, purple personalities are loved for their uniqueness. You have the quirky home, the most unusual art, and find the best out-of-the-way places to travel, dine, or be entertained. Assertive but seldom aggressive, you see beyond the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.

Why is color matching for your personality important?

Your personal environment should be a reflection of yourself. For example, the personality that craves simple lines and elegant furnishings would be less thrilled with a bright red rug with abstract patterns than the out-of-the-box thinking purple personality. Likewise, the social yellow personality that loves to be surrounded by action and people is far more likely to want a conversation starter rug.  The green personality appreciates rugs in soothing earth tones.

Design your rooms with your personality in mind

Your home should provide you with plenty of smiles, heartwarming moments and warm fuzzies. It’s where you come to relax at the end of the day and make memories with friends and family. With colors to match your mood and soft fuzzy textures that are more like a hug than a rug, you’ll love the vast selection of rugs we offer. Our super plush, fuzzy rugs come in colors and patterns to suit every personality. Visit our selection today to see which colors appeal to you the most.